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Pool Tile Repair Service

POOLTEX pool tile repair is one of our most popular services. Often overlooked, and one of the most aesthetically important features adding to the beauty of your swimming pool, is the tile line. Not only do broken, cracked and missing pool tiles can take away from the overall appearance of your pool, but they can invite water and other unwanted elements behind the existing tiles, causing them to lift or fall off over time.

All pool tile repair starts with a thorough cleaning of your existing tile. Our tile crew drains the water in your pool just below the tile line, exposing the complete tiles where we perform an extensive cleaning process removing calcium deposits as well as other mineral build-up.

Many pool owners choose to update their existing tile line with modern tile and stone designs. We can perform complete pool tile repair and replacement. Our skilled team carefully removes all old tiles from the pool, prepping the surface to which the new tile will be affixed and meticulously places each new tile around the perimeter of your swimming pool. New grout is applied and can be colored to match or contrast with the tiles, creating a beautiful new transition tying the deck into the pool.

Pool tile repair and replacement need not be boring. When performing pool tile repair we can add colorful mosaic tiles which come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and designs. Call today to have an experienced pool tile repair professional visit and discuss the many options available to enhance the overall appearance of your swimming pool.